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  • Product name: Linkage Line of Spray Bottle Filling and Labeling Production, SGPW
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  • Added time: 2018-06-22 8:16:27
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The production line is composed of automatic bottle cutting machine, filling screw cap machine and labeling machine. It can complete the process of bottle, filling, rotating cover, upper cover and labeling. It is mainly used in line production with ear spray solution. The production line is reasonable, stable and reliable, easy to maintain and easy to operate, and fully meet the requirements of GMP. The production line can be designed in line or turn according to customer needs.

bottle machine is the latest design, completely replace manual, comply with GMP specification. The
linear filling and capping machine has the advantages of convenient operation, precise filling and different production speed, and is completely competent for the lid with ears. The
labeling machine has fast labeling speed and high precision.

technical parameters:
applicable specification 15-100ml
production capacity 30-45 bottles / points 60-90 bottles / points
filling accuracy is less than or equal to 1

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